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BodyHoliday Cares

Changing Lives under the Caribbean sun

Changing Lives is our watchword for our approach to caring for our guests. This maxim, however can equally apply to the communicty in which we live and so BodyHoliday Cares creates projects designed to give back to the community what we are able to do. Here are some of the projects that have been our focus in 2019.

BodyHoliday Cares

BodyHoliday Cares


What we do

Our activities span initiatives that help enhance success in education, facilitate renovations, and help the institutions who serve our causes achieve some important goals. The objective is to be able to help in a meaningful way, that transforms longstanding situations so that individuals and institutions can experience the intended relief.

Donations are kindly solicited so that we are in a better position to sustainably undertake such interventions.

Who We Are?

Our charitable Foundation was incorporated in Saint Lucia in 2004, under the nomenclature “The Barnard Scholarship Fund”, after the Barnard family name (owners of BodyHoliday and Rendezvous Resorts). The purpose of this fund was to raise funds to support less-privileged persons in attaining university level education in Tourism management.  The nomenclature has been revised to “The Cares Foundation”, and the fund now covers the gamut of charitable causes supported by the two resorts. Activities are undertaken by the respective resorts based on their immediate communities and specific interests

Mission Statement

BodyHoliday is an organization that changes situations of its people, its community and the environment through authentic, purposeful, resource-filled interventions.


To be an organization that enhances lives through a framework of socially sustainable interventions, creating long lasting benefits, and inspiring others to do the same.

Our funding priorities

  • Education
  • Eye Health/Vision Impairment
  • Mental Wellness
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Youth (especially males) and Heathy Living, amongst others

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Our Projects to Date

Being Strategic about it

In being more strategic, a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer has since been appointed, we have re-structured our CSR Committee, and have revised our giving policies.

We invite primary institutions overseeing our causes to state their most critical needs, and try to help them achieve their goals, rather than impose our projects on them.

You see, being in the business of changing lives, we firmly believe that with scarce resources, investments ought to be focused on achieving results. Period.  We aim to support initiatives that are sufficiently intentional as to make a discernable difference in the lives of those who benefit.  We know you will be happier with that too, because we are mindful that you do not give to us, you give through us. We want you to feel satisfied with where and how we invest your donations.

Closing the Achievment Gap

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Some Angels have Wings and some have Wheels!

Don't Let It Slip Your Mind

Changing Conditions

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Upcoming Projects 2020

The following projects are currently under deliberation and in a planning stage.  Your support will be greatly appreciated to facilitate any of these as without support it is difficult to move forward.

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

St Lucia Blind Welfare Association

National Mental Wellness Centre

OECS Environmental Unit

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Where we are Headed

Our tagline, “Changing People’s Lives One Person at a Time”, speaks to our overall philosophy as a wellness organization that is passionate about improving lives, not only as our core activity, but for those in our community and for our staff.  We are our brothers’ keeper.

Over the years, we have spent some time growing the fund so that we could do more, as we believe in undertaking structured programmes that are designed for impact, as opposed to the past way of piecemeal donations to nebulous projects.  This will be done either by commissioning the design of projects or collaborating with other organizations on theirs.  Read more below.

This year, we are looking to raise $500,000 East Caribbean Dollars (that is 185,000 USD or 144,000 GBP or 245,500 CAD or 161,400 EURO.

Make the World a Better Place

We all generally want to give back. Why not do some of your giving through us?  Here’s how you can help.

Whilst Saint Lucia is truly paradise extraordinaire, as a developing country, the needs are so much greater than the means.  The Cares Foundation exists to make a difference, but we cannot do it alone.  The support of kind people like you enable us to dare some more; to fight for real change!  That way, our donors too are satisfied to realize demonstrable results from their contributions.  Donation options are:

  • One-time donation
  • Regular monthly or annual installments
  • In-kind donation – expertise, equipment or other resources
  • Peer-to-peer support – mobilize persons in your network of contacts to help boost your contribution, or encourage them to offer their own resources

You can opt to donate to the overall fund or to the BodyHoliday arm, BodyHoliday Cares.

Please give generously and thanks in advance for your kindness!

Be the Difference!

Keep abreast of our activities on our social media platforms and on our website.  We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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To make your donation, please reach out to our CSR Officer, Jacqueline, who would be delighted to respond to any of your questions.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Reach out today:

CONTACT Jacqueline Scott

Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Sunswept Resorts, Cariblue Beach, Cap Estate, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia

Tel 1 (758) 721-8900