Good Diet is just one of four pillars upon which the BodyHoliday is built. Exercise, Restorative Beauty and Relaxation being the other three. This holistic approach to well being and a healthy lifestyle, combined with a devotion to the pleasures of a fun fi lled beach vacation is what the BodyHoliday is all about. These four pillars combine to make a perfectly balanced and restorative vacation experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to face the challenges of your daily life with renewed vigor.

In each of the all-inclusive resort’s SIX restaurants and three bars, our chefs, mixologists and sommeliers are intent on ensuring you savour every culinary experience. Whatever your order. And if a special diet is preferred, BodyHoliday Chefs will create personalised menus for you at each eatery throughout the resort.

If you have any special needs in your diet, then make sure you discuss this with the BodyHoliday specialists in your webroom before you come.

Food is your body’s fuel, but it is also your body’s pleasure. At the BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia we have always aimed for the 5 star culinary excellence of a first class resort BUT we see no discrepancy between eating well and eating healthily. This duality is what we believe our guests love. Although we have the skills and services of a world class wellness centre, we are not a fat farm and our raison d”etre has always been to combine eating well with a little indulgence.

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BodyHoliday was founded as an all-inclusive for reasons very different to other resorts. If you can stay in a luxurious room and enjoy a vast programme of activities; (classes and sports), delicious menus in several venues, have your favourite cocktails and sundowners and then wine with dinner, then that’s a pretty good all-inclusive.

Then, on top of that, if you also get a 50 minute spa treatment every day, perhaps then that sets us apart from the rest.  We also believe that it adds to the sense of well-being becasue it makes your holiday relatively worry-free.

You might say at BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia, guests receive all-inclusive wellness.

Having said that we have never set out to limit the extent of our services, by virtue of the fact we must include everything. Obviously that would be impossible. Therefore, as well as adding value to the all-inclusive stay, ( for instance when we introduced our theme months) we have added some services which do carry supplemental charges. In the department of Food and Beverage for example, we stock fine vintage wines and Champagnes, which are not included.

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The culinary team is experienced in handling requests for gluten free, celiac, diabetic, low carb and low fat choices.

If you wish to have a fully customised diet during your stay, we can arrange a consultation with our resident nutritionist over the phone prior to your arrival. Our Nutritionist will then work with our chefs to create your customised meal plan. A customized diet is ideal if you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, or have any special dietary requirements such as food intolerances or severe food allergies. This is a supplementary service and the cost depends on your length of stay. If you are interested, please contact our BodyHoliday Specialist for more information. This is something ideally arranged through your webroom.


Ayurvedic Diet

At BodyHoliday you will come across “Pavitra”, possibly one of the only genuine Ayurvedic temples in the West Indies.  Here, Ayurvedic healing therapies are given, howeveR, Ayurveda is a lifestyle and along with the treatments and Yoga is an approach and philosophy of healthy eating.

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy of living wisely and a sister science to yoga, teaches that food plays an essential part in physical health and well-being. At the BodyHoliday, Ayurvedic cuisine is served as part of our menu of possibilities. The Ayurvedic approach to cooking–based on variety of healing principles, including the three Doshas or humours of the body, the five elements and six tastes, as well as the optimal time for eating–focusses on the needs of each individual to improve health and digestion and bring balance to body, mind and spirit.

You can learn all about what this means when you are here, if you are interested, just let us know. Whilst you are here you will find our restaurant menus carry labels indicating when a dish is Ayurvedic.




Do you have a weight goal and are not sure where to start? Are you suffering from digestive issues and are not sure what to do next? The Nutri Weight Loss Programme with resident nutritionist Hiley Fulgence will not only help you to achieve your goal, it will ensure you do it in a sustainable way so you’ll get results that last.

During this 60 min session, Hiley will address all of your nutritional concerns. He will analyze your meal and snack patterns, adequacy of intake, and food/nutrient intolerances. Your medication/supplement usage and medical/surgical history will also be reviewed. Evidenced based nutrition recommendations will be provided.

During your stay you will follow a personalised meal plan, designed for you by Hiley and prepared by our Wellness Chefs. Through a combination of workshops and one-on-one counselling, you will learn how to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. The programme will also teach you how to effectively overcome barriers such as crazy work schedules, social events, and holiday eating, for example. Healthy cooking classes will teach you how to prepare healthful meals so that you are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to continue your weight loss journey at home. When you return home you will receive ongoing feedback and follow-up support to help you keep the weight off long-term. 7, 10, and 14 day programmes are available.

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